How to create your own GIF and send it to your friends on Whatsapp

Whatsapp is an application that all of us are familiar with. This popular messenger allows the quick and easy exchange of information in the form of images, videos, audio, etc. Whatsapp also has a vast collection of GIFs that can choose from within the app. These GIFs or Graphics Interchange Formats can make your conversations much more interesting and fun.

Personalize your GIFs easily

What happens when you have a specific idea in mind but cannot find a GIF that perfectly captures it? Fret not. You can now create your own GIFs on Whatsapp. Moreover, It is much easier than you think. Refer to the following steps to get your customized GIFs ready in no time.

How to create your own GIFs?

  • Step 1 : Start by recording a video of whatever you wish to convert to GIF on your phone.
  • Step 2 : Head to the chat on Whatsapp where you want to share the GIF.
  • Step 3 : Once you have opened the conversation, click on the attachment button and select your gallery.
  • Step 4 : Pick the video that you previously recorded.
  • Step 5 : You can trim the video using the length provided at the top. If your video is too long, the GIF icon will not appear since the video file size is too large. Reduce the length of the video to be able to change it into a GIF.
  • Step 6 : Below the length, you will find the GIF button. Toggle to it. The video will get automatically converted to a GIF.
  • Step 7 : Include a message in the chat bar if you require.
  • Step 8 : Click the send button.

The GIF will also be automatically saved to your gallery, should you require it anytime in the future. Following these easy steps, you can convert any video into a GIF and share it. So what’s the wait for? Head to WhatsApp and start sharing fun GIFs with your friends !

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