The future of Electric cars in India : Everything you need to about electric Cars

The Electronic Car industry in India has a promising future with the world’s most valuable electronic car manufacturer – Tesla – all set to launch its cars in India. Moreover, due to the rise in environmental consciousness and the voluntary vehicle scrappage proposal of the government, we can see a significant tilt towards the electronic vehicle industry in the country. Studies also show that the integration of the Make in India plan and electronic vehicle industry can increase India’s GDP by 25 percent in the coming years.

Are you thinking of purchasing an electric car, but the nuances of the industry make you apprehensive? Well, worry not, as we have cataloged a list of things that you must consider before purchasing an expensive electric vehicle.

  • The first and the most crucial factor to consider is the cost. We all know that an electronic vehicle does not come cheap. In India, the prices are even steeper. The cost of an electric car is potentially higher than diesel-run or petrol-run vehicles. But, an electric vehicle is a long-term investment and if you plan on keeping a vehicle for more than ten years, then opting for an electric vehicle is your best bet. Furthermore, the maintenance of the electric car is much more affordable.
  • Another thing to consider before buying an electric car is the infrastructural setting. It is at this stage that electric vehicles lose out against conventional vehicles. While the infrastructure of electronic vehicles is constantly and solemnly upgraded, the process is taking place in the big cities of India. In small towns and on long-stretched highways, a public charging station is a rarity. It is noteworthy to highlight that while an electric car can be charged using a regular socket, the time taken to charge the vehicle fully is expansively long. If you already own a conventional car, investing in an electric vehicle is a more viable idea.
  • It is imperative to consider the range of an electric car before deciding to purchase one. The common question of ‘how much' in terms of the mileage of a petrol or diesel car is replaced with ‘how many’ for an electric car. It is vital to know how many miles can an electric car run when it is fully charged. Different battery options are available to suit a customer’s needs. But, the distance that an electric car can cover is a significant factor that determines its long-term sustainability in a country like India.
  • The Indian scenario is bright when it comes to the availability of options. Two-wheeler manufacturers and four-wheeler manufactures are delving into the electric car market with utmost seriousness. With the expansion of production, we can see and expect a slight fall in the price of electric cars. Lastly, the entry of Tesla into the Indian EV industry is going to bring forth substantial changes.

Thus, an electric car is a promising option for numerous reasons. But, before investing in this Opus, it is crucial to do some background research and tally the pros and cons.

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