Future of Smart Home Technology

With the advancement in technology, the future of smart homes has endless possibilities. There’s so much more to smart home technology than just asking Alexa to play your favorite songs or dim the lights. As we witness the evolution of phenomenons like the Internet of Things or AI, and there is an increasing debate around the security aspect of these technologies, one thing is for sure- Smart homes are here to stay for a long time.

All the internet-enabled applications in a smart home are able to communicate and connect via a central hub. This allows the home-owner to be able to control the devices from anywhere. The devices can be automated to perform tasks based on commands or triggers.

What makes a smart home ?

The concept has recently been popularized where all internet-enabled gadgets are monitored and connected to a network. This aims at making the life of the home-owner easier by allowing access to these smart home devices remotely. Also referred to as home automation, the technology is now becoming accessible to the consumer market.

Enhanced control and convenience

Smart homes are bound to make life more convenient. For example- by tracking your location within the house, AI can control various aspects such as temperature, lighting, music, etc. It can also make activities by grocery shopping easier and reduce food wastage by keeping track of the best before dates of the commodities.

Another reason why smart home automation is becoming popular is because of improved security. The smart locks and cameras of the house can be controlled via the smartphones of the homeowner.

Smart homes also provide an avenue for improved energy efficiency. The devices can monitor and conserve your energy usage creating a significant reduction in your monthly bills. The devices can be controlled using a virtual assistant to manage your house better.

All these advantages add to the argument that smart homes are going to be the standard in the times to come. As this technology and smart home devices become more accessible and affordable, more people will adopt them.

Smart Home devices examples

Smart home devices have already occupied a place in people’s lives and will continue to do so as they become more advanced, secure, and affordable. Some of the best smart home products that will see a rise in popularity in the upcoming years include -

  • Amazon Echo
  • Google Nest Hub
  • Outdoor Smart Plugs
  • Home Security Cameras
  • Wifi Smart Locks
  • Home Security Systems
  • Smart Fitness Devices
  • Thermostat with voice control
  • Smart Color Bulbs
  • Smart Kitchen Applicances
  • Robot Vaccum Cleaners & Mops
  • Smart Beds

All these devices aim at improving the way of living. For example- a smart meter can improve energy use in a household. It is speculated that smart home technologies will be integrated into every house in the future. While some of the best smart home devices are currently being used, they will enter the mainstream consumer market in the near future.

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