Everything you need to know about Apple iCloud Drive

Today, iCloud Drive is Apple’s vital connection between all your devices like iPhone, Mac, iPad and even your Windows PC. Whether it’s a work file, video or image taken with your iPhone or iPad saved to your iCloud, the Drive allows you to access your files from the iCloud.com website or the files app on your device.

What is iCloud ?

In simple terms, iCloud is basically Apple’s cloud solution for maintaining your digital life in sync across all your devices. It can store and sync everything from calendar events to the photo gallery for you to access the content anywhere on any Apple device. In addition, it also powers syncing for various third-party apps on your iPad, iPhone and Mac, keeping lists, documents, podcasts and more updated on the relevant devices.

What Does Apple Store or Sync with iCloud ?

Almost every Apple’s native apps on iOS and their Mac equivalents stay in sync employing iCloud, including:

  • Mail
  • Contacts
  • Notes
  • Reminders

Apart from these, you can sync your photos using the iCloud photo library. Your Safari bookmarks and open tabs can also be synced for you to continue your web browsing on any of your Apple devices with Safari installed. If you’re searching for extensive online storage, you can use Apple iCloud as it can store and sync anything you put into it.

What Does Apple Store or Sync with iCloud ?

As already mentioned, you can easily store documents, images and spreadsheets using iCloud Drive; it can also keep files and folders updated across all devices, work on them and access these items from anywhere. Now how does iCloud Drive do so ?

Well, on Apple devices, you access your drive through the files app. When you open files, you’ll find iCloud Drive as a location. All the changes made to a copy of a file on a single device will automatically sync across all your other systems. It is a real file system for you to create and save items to your self-created folders, which is convenient if you work on several devices.

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