10 Whatsapp tricks you definitely didn’t know

Today, almost everyone uses WhatsApp as a means to communicate. It’s free and comes with cross-platform text, multimedia, voice messaging, free voice and video calls, so what’s not to like? Even though there are several messaging platforms around, it’s loved by a lot of people because of stacks of features and tricks.

Here are some WhatsApp tips and tricks that you might not know about, combined with some hidden features:

1) If you want to give directions to someone on where to meet, sling them a pin of your current location, and they will easily find you using maps. If you haven’t reached the location yet, send them a pin of where you’re heading to or share your’ live location to help track your movements en route.

2) It’s possible to send a single message to numerous contacts without them being in a group chat or even seeing who else received the message. This feature is useful when you want to share important information or make an announcement.

3) One of the main Whatsapp hidden features is that you can customize the sound alert tone you hear on receiving a message on WhatsApp from any contact or group. It helps you differentiate between group chats.

4) If you’re an Android user, you can make shortcuts to popular chats and display them on your home screen. This quick feature makes it easy for you to chat with people you talk to the most on a daily basis.

5) If you’re still stuck with the default wallpaper for your chats, it’s boring and basic! It’s easy to change the wallpaper of your choice.

6) On iOS, if you want to sneak a peek of your message on WhatsApp before it’s marked as read, tweak your notification settings to get a preview of the message appearing on your home screen.

7) People with limited data allowance shouldn’t let WhatsApp munch it all away. Now, you can easily customize when media is allowed to download and ensure calls use as little data as possible.

8) One of the major Whatsapp tricks is that this app is not limited to your smartphone. There is a web app that syncs everything from your smartphone, and there’s a desktop app as well. Visit web.whatsapp.com or simply down the desktop app.

9) Now you can create your text message on WhatsApp super fun and interesting. Use bold and italics texts and even crossing text out with a strikethrough to get your points across better.

10) Generally, group chats can seriously seem noisy as messages come flying in from every direction. However, you can directly reply to a particular message by highlighting it. This allows the original message to appear at the bottom of your chat screen.

These tricks are some of the most popular ones among users worldwide as they improve user experiences and set this app apart from other messaging platforms available. Hopefully, you’ll consider these interesting Whatsapp hidden features useful in your daily routine.

Muskan Ghai is a content writer striving to create an impact on people with her words. Her expertise in writing stems from an inherent love for reading. Through her writing, Muskan wishes to lend an imaginative voice to things that influence the world around her. She believes that the transformative power of writing is unlike anything else.