How to fix your low WiFi Speed

A slow WiFi speed can seem quite frustrating, especially while doing something time-centric like studying, working from home, uploading some important documents, and sometimes streaming your favorite show or movie. However, there are various factors to consider that may result in slow Wi-Fi to be slow. Once you know the ways that you can follow to recognize and fix problems, it becomes a lot easier to tackle Wifi speed issues. To know the right ways to fix and improve your Wifi signal or spread, follow up this well-detailed guide.

Restart Wi-Fi Router to Fix Wi-Fi Problems

Most of the time, all you should do with your Wi-Fi router is a quick restart and fix the connection issues immediately. Just switch off the router and then turn it on after some seconds to check if you're still receiving slow WiFi speed. If it doesn't fix the speed issue, try restarting your devices. At times, the reason for slow internet speed may just be due to one of your devices and not the connection.

Adjust the Router's Antennas

Generally, positioning the router's antennas straight up redirects the signals in a single direction. That's why you should always point the antennas in multiple directions. For example, several Wi-Fi routers come with two or more antennas. In such a case, ensure to point the antennas in vertical and horizontal directions for singles to cover a wider area and get better connections.

Do a Quick Speed Test

If you've tried most steps and still didn't see any improvement, check out what kind of speeds you're receiving at Doing so will give you a significant idea of the speed. If the speed is lower than what you're paying for, talk about this matter with your cable provider. These cable providers throttle down your WiFi performance at times so they can hit you with bandwidth usage free. Also, try to find a provider who doesn't restrict your internet speed.

Change your Wi-Fi Channel

After you discover your router's IP address and use it to access your Wi-Fi settings in any browser, you'll see channels under wireless settings. There are about 14 channels, and the first thing you should find out is which channel is the most used in your area. Once you decide that, ensure to find and select a non-overlapping channel that is spaced far enough from other channels. Generally, the ISP's set the channel set to automatic, but if you're experiencing slower WiFi speed, then you must fiddle around and get the clearest channel for the best experience.

Put Your Wi-Fi Speed Under Control

A weak or poor single is basically a modern-day nightmare. In most cases, slow Wi-Fi can be fixed in some easy and quick steps. Hopefully, the mentioned above tips can help you fix and improve the WiFi speed without any complications. However, even after these major adjustments, you might need some performance improvements; there are some windows tweaks to speed up your connection.

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