Top 5 Apps to Edit Images for Free

Photographers never stop looking for picture-perfect moments. All smartphones camera are now offering great optics to capture high-resolution, sharp results, a wide range of images can be clicked on mobile phones. There are a huge number of free as well as paid photo apps available now from the basic camera and sharing tools to full-featured photo editing apps that allow you shoot, edit, and organize images easily on your mobile phones.

Three types of photo editors are available on Android. Some of them are trying to rival desktop photo editors in power like Adobe Lightroom CC. The second type is a lighter editor one of them is Snapseed that does the basics and tries to do the work for you. At last, we have social media filter photo editors that don’t help much but add some fun effects. There are so many of all these that the options will make one’s head spin. Hence, we created a list of the best photo editors on Android.

So, in this article we have collected and here we are presenting top 5 apps to edit images for free.

Google Snapseed

Snapseed can be named as a professional photo editing app developed by Google. If you are looking for a Photoshop-like photography app, then Snapseed is one of them, and you can download it easily. This app is understood for its ability to edit RAW images also . As smartphones now are capable of shooting RAW images, editing them properly during a good editing app is additionally essential. Although it does not have all of Photoshop's features and functionalities, most of its controls and process of editing are closely alike.

Some of its outstanding features are healing brush, structure, HDR, perspective, etc. Another feature during this free photo editing app is the function to save lots of your style (presets); which you'll use in other photos. Photo effects and filters are often precisely edited; giving more control to users to urge the result they need . Snapseed is one of the most widely used free photo apps and is appreciated by its users.Its main features are:

  • Its primary purpose is to edit images, although it does support capturing images on iOS smartphones.
  • Snapseed may have a camera restriction, but in editing, it's complete of features. It has overall 29 filters and tools to tune images, face poses, glamour glow, and double exposure.
  • When it involves social sharing, it doesn't have a selected social network.
  • The only disadvantage of editing in this app is its gesture-based tools which are quite challenging to use for first-time users.
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    Google Snapseed

Adobe Lightroom for Mobiles

Adobe Lightroom is one among the simplest apps for professional photographers as it is the only photography app which will allow viewing, editing, and organizing an outsized number of images.

The editing app features a built-in camera feature which may take photos in RAW through your smartphone where you'll edit the exposure, aperture, and use other manual features. The app also has filters for adding various effects which may be applied with one tap to edit pictures. The premium version of this app has more advanced features like healing brush, selective adjustments, cloud storage, RAW image editing of DSLR photos, and more. This photo editing app by Adobe gives you advanced features like curves through which you'll make fine adjustments to the colour , exposure, tone, and contrast.

Its other main features are :

  • Editing in Lightroom mobile version offers a good sort of presets and tools to settle on – starting from simple to advanced correction and adjustment tools.
  • Navigation-wise, its presets and a few tools are often employed by tapping the presets once.
  • Lightroom can share to different social media platforms.
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    Adobe Lightroom


Available for iOS and Android, Pixlr is one among the foremost popular free photo apps and features a wide selection of various photo effects, overlays, and filters that you simply can use to make truly unique and visually appealing images. This picture app offers four different web apps, all HTML5 applications that load right in your browser. Pixlr Editor is their best free web app, and it offers tons of features, even layers and color replacement tools.

Pixlr Express may be a toned-down version, with simplified user experience and much of preset filters. Pixlr Pro may be a paid tool that gives a free trial, but it is the only tool on our list which will open a Photoshop PSD file and reserve it as a PNG or JPG. Finally, Pixlr Today may be a task manager extension for the Google Chrome Browser. The app is free but offers in-app purchases of things like effect packs. When you've completed your work, the app can save on to your social media accounts or email.

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Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express takes many of Photoshop’s best photo editing tools and squeezes them into a mobile app. And despite providing many advanced features, this free photo editing app is straightforward to use on a little touchscreen.

Just upload a photograph from your device, take a replacement one with the camera, or use a picture from your Adobe Creative Cloud account, then start editing.It has all the tools you’d expect – cropping, red-eye correction, brightness, contrast, saturation, filters, borders, etc. However, the simplest part is its selection of smart filters. These filters automatically correct common issues, such as color temperature and exposure problems.

Before you'll use Adobe Photoshop Express, you’ll got to check in for a free Adobe ID account. When you’ve finished editing your photo, reserve it on to your device or share it to other marketing and social media apps.

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ADOBE Photoshop Express


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The filters Instagram provides for editing photos are intuitive and easy . The editing tools aren't nearly comprehensive as Snapseed or Afterlight 2. If you are looking for a free photo editing app with essential editing tools, but you place more emphasis on the sharing features and a good community, then this free picture editor is for you.

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