How to find out if you are also a part of the Facebook data breach?

Facebook has again let many of its users down by its lack of security and honesty in the recent data breach where about 533 million Facebook users from around 106 countries had their personal information leaked. About sixty lakhs of Indian user’s data was also breached which was the biggest user-base of Facebook. The personal information included; phone numbers, email addresses, hometowns, full names, and birth dates.

This breach was not even reported by Facebook themselves but was uncovered by a security researcher, Alon Gal. Even Mark Zuckerberg’s, the Facebook founder’s data was breached, his data such as; phone number, user ID, marriage details, birth date, had gotten out. It was also found out that he was using his rival companies messaging platform Signal, which is highly ironic.

This is not even the first time that a data breach has happened, during the 2019 debacle, Facebook claimed that they have secured their networks and that no such data breach will take place again. And yet, here we are again in 2021 with the same recurring problem.

However, it is a good thing many have stepped up to help when Facebook themselves didn’t even acknowledge their faults. If you are wondering if you might have been one of the people that have gotten their data scattered online. Then here are some measures you can take to find out if you are part of the data breach.

Troy Hunt, an Australian web security consultant who is acknowledged for his public education and outreach on security topics. He has created a website to track if you are one of the unfortunate people to get their data breached, the websites name is; Have I been Pwned. To check if you are one of the victims, you should just enter your email or phone number with your countries suffix. This will not only tell you if you were part of the Facebook breach but also any other breaches that might have had your Data compromised.

If you are one of the people who have been breached, then your information is made accessible in an online hacking forum, this will allow anyone to access your information. This would allow anyone to send spam or unsavoury messages or emails to you, it’s best not to open any unknown links or messages and block such numbers or accounts. Identity theft or hacking of your FB or email account could also be possible if the user has an easily guessable password such as their birthday or their own names. One thing the user can immediately do is change their password to something difficult that can’t be guessed easily.

Numbers have also been made available to anyone, and if you are one of the ones who are breached then you should be vigilant and be careful of links sent to you in messages and not click on them. If you are getting harassing calls then you should block those numbers, if the problem still continues then it is best to visit your nearest Authority figures who can take care of such problems. If not that, then you can also delete your account if the worse come to worse. However, this can not be possible for everyone as many contacts both private and personal are available through these accounts and platform.

Although Facebook has let us down again, it is not really possible for a lot of its users to just cut contact with the App completely, setting your account private and moving anything personal from it would be a good option from now on. It is very much possible that a new Data breach might even take place in the future. As it is, Facebook’s security can’t be trusted to keep their users' privacy protected.

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