BigRock Detailed Review

BigRock is an ICANN accredited registrar and hosting company that is a leading provider of web-presence solutions to small businesses, professionals, and individuals. BigRock provides its clients a complete suite of products that help them establish & grow their online presence. Let’s see why BigRock can be the go-to company for all your website hosting and domain registration needs.

What is BigRock?

BigRock aims at making the setting up of a website easy and affordable.BigRock’s product portfolio incorporates - domain registration, business-class email services (including anti-spam & anti-virus features), web-hosting services, website builder products, and digital certificates. It not only provides you world-class customer service but they are also available to assist you 24/7 over the phone, live chat & email - so that you can focus more time & energy on growing your business. Using their quick & user-friendly registration process, their reliable hosting services, and a wide selection of affordable website design options, you will be able to reach customers around the world & compete on a global scale. Bigrock’s technology team innovates best-in-class products so that you can create your web presence without the need for extensive technical knowledge or resources. BigRock acknowledges that your website is a valuable business asset and strives to provide you all this at the most competitive prices in the industry.

Key Specifications:

  • Offers a complete line of low-cost hosting solutions.
  • Offers shared web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS, cloud solutions, SiteLock services, domain name registration services, and backup solutions.
  • Provides shared hosting solutions of two types: Linux hosting (Starter, Advanced, Business, and Pro) and Windows hosting (Essential, Premium, Business, and Pro), both of which come with some convenient features like -Unlimited disk space, Unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited domains and email addresses,99.9% uptime guarantee, CloudLinux,cPanel/Plesk control panel, MySQL databases, PHP 5.2 to PHP 5.4, Softaculous one-click installer.
  • Use of both the Varnish Cache that stores users’ most-visited pages and the globally distributed Cloudflare CDN. Collectively, these technologies ensure fast page loading speeds and help websites handle high traffic.
  • Offers Automatic backups powered by CodeGuard.
  • Available Backup Plans-Basic (up to 5 websites, 1 GB disk space, 5 days automatic backup), Professional (up to 10 websites, 5 GB disk space, daily automatic backups), and Premium (up to 25 websites, 10 GB disk space, daily automatic backups)
  • Uses Dell Rack Servers with Xeon processors and SSD storage to ensure fast page loading speeds.
  • Offers 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Why BigRock is a great option for Web Hosting?

CloudLinux Account Isolation - CloudLinux has several advantages over classical Debian/CentOS/Ubuntu setups. It puts a regulation on how many resources each account can access i.e BigRock’s customer support doesn’t have to continually monitor resource spending and suspend shared accounts that hoard more computational power than they should. Clients can’t go over their allocated resources to drain the server without the tech team’s intervention.CageFS puts each client’s account in a pragmatic cage. CageFS also solves the problem of attackers gaining the access to one shared account in shared hosting. Even if another user’s poorly configured site falls to hackers, it won’t affect your website. In short, the resource integrity and security with CloudLinux are excellent.

Windows Hosting - BigRock’s Window Plans are a major part of its offer. The shared ASP.NET hosting plans run a standard Plesk setup with various supported IIS, ASP.NET, and MSSQL technologies. The features aren’t too showy, but the plans do the job for typical ASP-based websites or CMSs. Windows dedicated servers are an option for you if you need something robust. These can be a fantastic choice for more demanding MS applications. However, this service is not available in the US data center. BigRock is a decent choice for smaller websites or large-scale applications.

DIY Website Builder - BigRock’s “DIY Website Builder” performs way better than most similar builders. The interface is uncluttered and you can easily find all the options either in the navigation bar or by hovering over page elements. You can also move around content blocks by dragging them with your mouse. The dashboard even lets you preview what your site looks like on mobile devices, simplifying the design process. This drag-and-drop website builder is SEO-friendly and using this you can easily manage things like meta tags, redirects, sitemap, etc.

Emailing - A custom email address makes your website look professional. Also, when website visitors expect some sort of contact info, an email does the job for you.

  • RoundCube - It is the standard webmail software integrated into cPanel. You can set up as many accounts as you want, and the provider allows up to 5GB per mailbox, though this counts towards your total storage. It’s similar to the webmail you get with most hosts, and it works well enough.
  • Business Mail - You get a 5GB inbox (size can be increased), protected by robust antivirus software. You can also access the service via phone or tablet app, letting you manage correspondence on the go. Business Email starts at $0.66/month. The inboxes are relatively small, but they are extremely cheap. It’s a good-value deal if you want something more potent than the standard BigRock Linux hosting email.
  • Enterprise Email - This adds attachment preview features, an improved contact list, and a calendar tool. The systems are connected globally across all your accounts, so different users can exchange contacts and keep track of important info. Enterprise Email will set you back $1.99/month for a 30GB inbox.

Money-back Guarantee - BigRock hosting offers the standard 30-day money-back guarantee which gives you time to see how the platform works. You can bring in more traffic and see how the host handles it.

10-year Subscription - Add a ten-year domain registration, and you can forget about payments for a decade. The ten-year deals are best if you have a low-demand site that you can set up and leave it running without worrying about the payments.

Types Of Hosting Offered

BigRock offers:
  • Shared hosting - BigRock is one of the few shared hosts that offers both Linux and Windows hosting.If your site is built in ASP or .NET, or with an MS-SQL database, Windows hosting is a necessity. The Windows plans are a bit more expensive than the Linux ones, which is normal, but the features are near identical on either operating system.
  • Specialized hosting - WordPress, CMS, and e-commerce hosting are the three types of specialized hosting BigRock offers.
  • VPS hosting - There are 4 VPS hosting plans on BigRock that come with a specific amount of disk space and bandwidth that your site can utilize per month. Some key features of BigRock’s VPS Hosting are :
    • Four Linux distributions: CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu
    • Automatic failover
    • High-speed Solid-State Drives (SSDs)
    • Instant provisioning
    • Full root access
    • VNC access
    • WHMCS
    • cPanel or Plesk
    • DDoS protection
    • Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM)
    • Semi-managed services (eg, firewall set up; assistance with server optimization).
  • Cloud Hosting - Cloud hosting on BigRock appears to be intended for small sites with relatively low levels of traffic.BigRock's cloud hosting gets a speed boost from Varnish: a caching technology.
  • Reseller hosting - Reseller hosting for each OS has four pricing tiers with different options :
    • Free WHMCS billing system, except Essential plan
    • Unlimited Plesk/cPanel panel accounts
    • Unlimited MySQL and MS-SQL databases
    • Unlimited domains, email, and FTP accounts

Two Websites: .com & .in

BigRock owns two distinct websites and both offer somewhat different services. is for international clients and its prices are in U.S. dollars. which offers dedicated server hosting is for businesses centered in India and displays prices in rupees.

Building your Website in 3 Simple Steps with BigRock

  • BigRock’s AI-powered builder will guide you at each step of creating your perfect website and will answer all your questions.
  • Customize your website and add sections, pages, and store and make the site truly your own.
  • Go live and publish your site in a single click and take your business online.


BigRock’s web hosting solutions are quite affordable, but you have to make a minimum commitment of a year (and up to ten years), which is why the 30-day money-back guarantee might appeal to you.

However, you have to follow a very long and tedious process to get your money back. Where most hosting providers let you get a subscription for one to three years instead of just paying monthly which typically gets you a discount, so you pay more upfront but spend less in the long run, BigRock’s hosting plans take this a step ahead. The first two let you prepay for ten years in advance—way longer than you would expect. However, the advantage is that you get an extremely long-term deal while paying very little. It’s like you can add a ten-year domain registration, and can forget about payments for a decade.


BigRock has completely user-friendly information support where customers can quickly find answers to common issues. The customer support phone line and live chat options are available 24/7.


  • 24/7 customer support available over the phone, chat, and email
  • Specialized packages for WordPress
  • Domain name registration comes with free email accounts


  • No free automatic backups
  • Dedicated servers only available in select regions

Final Opinion

BigRock offers essential requirements for a low cost and thus can be really good for creating small business sites. If your biggest interest is affordability, then BigRock is your go-to platform. Their customer support is excellent and if you are a beginner then you can start with just Rs. 59/month and you can get help from the support team to set up and publish your website. The most valuable point of Bigrock hosting is its Uptime and we can say that the support of the BigRock team is worth the cost.

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