You should never let the lack of technical skills stop you from creating your dream website. There are many website builders available that make your work easy by providing the simple drag and drop facility to place the elements according to your choice and build a professional-looking website for your business or online stores.

Here in this blog, we have compiled some of the best website builders that can make your work easy.


RATING - 5.0

PRICE - $14/month

Wix is one of the top picks for website builders since it has tons of themes and designs which makes it customizable. On top of it, Wix is versatile and easy to use.

You can build beautiful websites by just dragging and dropping the elements of your choice and you can also use the menu option to change things like size, typeface, and alignment.

You can build a complete website with a home page, contact page, about page, a store, and blog posts within an hour. It is a fun platform to start building your website and gives a different experience altogether. If you are a beginner then Wix can be your best buddy as it helps you create professional pages and guides you when you move elements to keep everything neat and aligned.

Not just the design but you can also customize the functionality of your website using hundreds of apps and plugins.

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WiX Website


RATING - 4.7

PRICE - $12/month

If you want to build a website for your small online store then Squarespace is the right pick for you as its built-in functionality allows you to track your customers, accept credit cards, create gift cards, and a lot more. If you manage to get some plugins then you can even add fabric swatch previews to your products or track your inventory.

Using Squarespace you can create a perfect and clean website with ease for your small store like a flower shop, supply store, etc.

Squarespace's menu is a bit unintuitive but you can easily drag and drop elements according to your choice.

It offers 28 themes that might not be huge in number but are all modern templates and can help you to build an amazing website.

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RATING - 3.6

PRICE - $6/month

If you want to build a reasonably good-looking site without a lot of fancy features then Weebly is the right pick for you. Its default templates looking amazing on desktop and you can even drag and drop elements to set up your own page. The blogging capabilities of Weebly might not be that good as compared to other website builders but it is fairly good enough for small stores.

Weebly is perfect brick and motor store that need a basic design to direct people into their store. It has a simple menu and well-explained dashboard where you can find each and every element that you can use to build the website. Weebly can sometimes mess up the built pages so it is important to spot such errors while working with this platform.

You can also preview the mobile version of your website as all templates provided are mobile-responsive.

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RATING - 3.3

PRICE - $10/month

If you are looking for a fast setup for your website then Godaddy is the right pick for you as it helps you to build websites as quickly as possible within just 40minutes.

It is one of the most affordable and easy-to-use website builders on the list.

Now, this fast feature of GoDaddy comes with some limitations as it has limited templates available for customization. So depending on your business if you want a simple website then Godaddy can provide the most efficient features.

The menu on the right has clear navigation and labels and you can add pretty much everything starting from texts and images and also change the position of the elements, color, and add new elements to the page.

You get to choose from 19 themes in total with limited choice for color and interface.

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RATING - 3.3

PRICE - $4/month

If you want to take complete control of your website and choose from tons of themes then WordPress is the right pick for you. With WordPress, you get a combination of both website building and web hosting. With few plugins available, it provides a powerful tool for eCommerce solutions. It has a great reputation and it needs know-how on the user's part to start working with it. It is customizable and has great SEO tools and eCommerce plugins that are deeply enjoyed by online sellers.

With thousands of templates and plugins available, WordPress can make a beautiful and feature-filled website for small businesses. It might not feel that easy to use since its main menu leads to many other menus which sometimes can be hard to remember. So overall it has a lot of stuff going on to keep track of but you can learn WordPress with a little experience and time and then you can maintain your website with ease.

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RATING - 3.3

PRICE - $29.95/month

Bigcommerce is the best pick for you if you are looking for an eCommerce website builder. With this, you can handle online sales. This platform powers some of the most famous online stores like Skullcandy and CamelBak. With BigCommerce you don't have to worry about the technical aspects of managing your online store. Without knowing any code, you can easily build, run and scale your store without much hassle. They have some amazing-looking templates that allow you to create a professional-looking website within just a few hours.

You can even unlock more advanced features like built-in reviews, inventory and shipping solutions, tools for automation, and much more. It also offers a built-in security feature to keep your customer data safe as it provides protection from hackers and attackers.

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RATING - 3.1

PRICE - $10/month

A constant contact website builder helps you to build a website for your small business and also provides email services.

Using your Facebook business page and the artificial intelligence of the website builder, you can simply create your website. To create the page, enter your Facebook business page URL, and the AI tool will automatically generate the website content for you in an instant. you can even customize the website design and text as per your choice. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have a Facebook business page because you can enter your business niche and this website builder would suggest you with the best content and image to get started.

You get access to thousands of different images so that you can create your own professional-looking website according to your choice.

It is fact and also provides you with the SEO tool kit for better conversions.

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Constant Contact

Final Opinion

Depending on the size of your business and your need you can decide on any one of the above-mentioned website builders. If you are looking to build a powerful eCommerce website then BigCommerce can be your top pick whereas if you want to create a beautiful website for your small business then you can choose from options like Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace.

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