Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation Review

Amazon is probably the first company to bring smart speakers in India and since then Alexa has become everyone’s household essential. Echo Dot 4th Generation is the latest Smart Speaker from Amazon is all we will be discussing in this post. However, there are not many changes in terms of the software or Alexa but the representation has definitely changed and looks pretty compact. Launched at just Rs. 4,499, this speaker should be a choice for those who are purchasing it for the first time and want to experience something they have never before.


As we have already said that the Echo Dot 4th Generation is a compact version of its previous models and this is the only area the company has worked on. But the audio quality remains almost the same and is enough for one room to fill up with sound. This time, it is more in spherical shape which looks really refreshing and impressive. The LED at the bottom is stunning, shows the time all the time and the alarm can be set just by your voice.

There are four buttons on top of the Speaker: a button that commands the Alexa, microphone off/on, Volume Down and Volume Up. Charging plug and a 3.55mm Aux option is available at the bottom of the speaker. The Speaker comes in three colours: Blue, Dark Grey and Light Grey.

The Sound quality of this smart speaker is also one of the things to talk about. Amazon has, without any doubts, worked on it and a speaker of this dimension having such a great output is the best speaker in the entry-level line up of speakers. The functioning of the microphone in Echo Dot 4th Generation kicks it and is the best to talk with Alexa to make your work easy. Just say it and Alexa will do it.

Key Specifications

  • Weight: 341.3g
  • Size: 3.9 inch
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wifi, In-built speaker for voice feedback
  • Warranty: 1 year

Final Opinion

Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation Smart speaker is the top most entry-level speaker in today’s market. Both the design and the quality of the sound will not disappoint you if you are buying a speaker for the first time. The price is also very reasonable which makes it worth it to spend money on.

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