Google Pixel Buds A-series Review

Google has launched A-series pixel buds which look amazing and have almost the same features as Google Pixel Buds 2. This time Google has launched A-series buds with some improvement considering customers' feedback on their other pixel buds. Let's review the google pixel buds A series to know the design, performance, and features of these mobile-friendly pixel buds.

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Key Specifications

  • Connectivity- Bluetooth version 5
  • Headphone design- Earbud
  • One earbud Weight- 5.10 Grams
  • Colour- Clearly White
  • Headphone type- True Wireless

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The Google Pixel Buds A-series comes in a white case, and it gives a premium look. The case gives a smooth feel and is almost oval-shaped, which looks pretty good. Now, if we talk about the earbuds inside the case, they are also in the same white colour, which is wireless, but it, unfortunately, doesn't support wireless charging.

The Google Pixel Buds give a matte look, and we have seen generic silicone tips on the earbuds, and the amazing thing you will see in these Google earbuds is the new stabilizer on the back of earbuds that will give you support to easily hold the earbuds in your ears which is a great initiative.

These Google earbuds can be controlled by touch, which makes the experience easy for the user. You have to just tap on the earbud to pause and then again tap to play a video or audio. To jump to the next song, you have to just tap two times on the earbud, and the song will easily change, and you also have an option to rewind. By taping three times, you can rewind the song, which is an amazing feature in this Pixel buds series.

You can also easily talk to Google Assistant, so if your true buds are connected to your smartphone, you just have to tap and hold the earbud. But, there is one drawback that is a little disappointing: there is no volume controlling touch feature in these earbuds, which we have to compromise.

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If we talk about features, firstly, one amazing thing about these earbuds is you can easily use them while doing a workout because there is IPX4 water-resistance rating that makes them sweat-resistant, and you can easily enjoy the music even if you are sweating.

Now, coming to connectivity, you can easily pair these Google pixel buds with your Pixel or any Android device, iOS or any other Bluetooth 4.0+ device without any hassle.

The dual-beam performing microphones in these earbuds will provide a great music experience. The 12mm dynamic driver will produce strong bass while you will play the sound on the earbuds.

The sound of the Google pixel buds is pretty clear, and you can hear bass sounds very loud and clear, which will give you the feeling of high-quality earphones. This time, there is a larger sound in Google earbuds compared to previous models with a good mid and high range performance.

One major drawback in these Google buds is that there is no noise cancellation technology feature, which is disappointing. There is ambient noise cancellation, but you will still hear noise and disturbance while calling with these earbuds.

In Google pixel buds A series, the battery can last up to five hours which is a good deal. You can easily enjoy the music for five continuous hours, and if you want to use it for calling purposes, it can last up to three hours. If we talk about the case battery, it has a long 19 hours battery life which is helpful to use the earbuds for a full day.

The marvellous fast charging feature has amazed us because the earbuds get charged in the case in just 15 minutes, and you can enjoy music for five hours.

Final Opinion

After reviewing, we can say they are the best Google earbuds when we consider its specifications and features. The sound performance and battery is powerful and provides a great experience. The Google pixel buds price in India is Rs. 9,999 with a one-year warranty, which is quite at a high price but affordable according to the features and performance of these earbuds. If you are looking for great smooth performance and sound earbuds, you can go for these latest Google pixel earbuds.

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