Top 5 Fitness Bands Under Rs.5,000

Here is a list of the best fitness bands in India under 5000 that can help to narrow down your search.

Huawei Band Pro 3

This 0.95 inch AMOLED display screen band is one of the best fitness bands under 5000.

Features -

  • It comes with a 0.95 inch AMOLED touchscreen
  • it offers a built-in GPS
  • It comes with an accurate heart rate monitor
  • It is IP68 certified and is waterproof them 5ATM
  • It provides a swim tracking feature
  • It provides a battery backup of 12 hours
  • It offers 7 hours of GPS battery life
  • Pros -

  • It offers a premium finish with fewer bezels above and below the screen
  • It provides an adjustable brightness setting
  • It comes with analogue watch type clasps
  • The dial faces are fully customizable
  • The GPS rating is accurate and offers accuracy similar to the costlier counterparts
  • It provides continuous heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking
  • It provides a battery life of 12 hours with a single charge
  • It is IP668 certified and offers water resistance to 50 metres
  • Cons -

  • There are only three dial faces
  • The accuracy can increase with application update

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Garmin Vivo JR.

If you are looking for the top fitness brands in India, you can go for the Gramin Vivo JR.

Features -

  • It offers 1+ years of battery life
  • It is swim-proof till 5ATM
  • It is compatible with different apps for mobile adventures
  • It is compatible with chores
  • It comes with a TFT-LCD display
  • It is water-resistant
  • Pros -

  • You can choose from a variety of options that include marvel fancy to Disneyland.
  • You are offered two strap options. One is designed for the age group of 4 to 7 that comes with an adjustable clamp, and the other is an analogue watch suitable for children above the age group of 7.
  • It is fitted with a pedometer and an accelerometer.
  • The screen comes with multiple colours for good viewing of information.
  • It comes with an in-built battery cell that offers a battery life of 1 year.
  • It is made by keeping in mind the health of the children.
  • Cons -

  • It comes with a small non-touch display

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Fitbit Inspire

It is one of the top sleek and lightweight fitness bands under 5000 that comes with an OLED display.

Features -

  • It offers a high-resolution OLED display
  • It is water-resistant upto 50m
  • It offers a 4.0 Bluetooth
  • It offers a sleep tracking feature
  • It can help you view smartphone notifications
  • It comes with a battery of 5 days
  • Pros -

  • It has a plastic build that makes it lightweight
  • It offers a curved OLED display that helps to produce sharp images
  • It comes with a sleep tracker and an accurate step tracker, and a female health tracker
  • It is water-resistant to 50m, so it is suitable for swimming and diving
  • It can display notifications from social media and text messages
  • It offers a user-friendly interface
  • It provides a decent battery life of 5 days with regular usage and takes 2 hours for a full charge
  • It comes with one year of manufacturer's warranty
  • Cons -

  • The heart rate monitor is not accurate, and it can also not measure the sleep cycle and the calories burnt correctly.

  • Seller Buy
    Tata CLiQ

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Amazfit Band

This is the second edition of the amazon fit band, and it is known to be one of the best fitness bands in India under 5000 due to the significant upgrades made to the product.

Features -

  • It comes with a 1.23-inch IPSD LCD along with a 2.5D curved glass
  • 'It offers a 4.2 Bluetooth
  • It offers NFC support
  • It comes with a 160mAh battery that provides 20 days battery backup
  • It comes with a heart rate monitor
  • It provides water resistance up to 50m.
  • Pros -

  • It comes with a weight of 32 grams and offers a polycarbonate dial with a metal finish.
  • It provides a detachable silicon strap that is extremely comfortable and makes it sweat resistant
  • It comes with a large 1.23-inch colour display and a curved edge to give a classier look
  • It provides a PPM heart rate sensor that offers accurate readings at lower battery consumption
  • It offers various utility features that include stopwatches, alarms and weather forecast
  • It comes with NFC support that helps with online payments
  • It provides a water-resistant upto 50 metres
  • It comes with a 160mAh battery that lasts upto 20 days
  • It comes with one year of warranty
  • Cons -

  • It doesn't offer GPS support


This is one of the most popular fitness bands under 5000 that comes with an inbuilt GPS.

Features -

  • It is GPS enabled
  • It offers exclusive access to fitness experts
  • It comes with heart rate tracking
  • Pros -

  • It comes with a comfortable strap
  • It can track various physical activities
  • 'It offers an integrated USB charger
  • It provides an ecosystem to contact experts
  • It provides features like step count and heart rate pressure measurement
  • Cons -

  • There are no significant drawbacks

  • Seller Buy

Conclusively, feel free to choose from these top fitness bands in India to get budget-friendly top-notch fitness bands.

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