Top 5 Fitness Bands Under Rs.3,000

With the recent advancement in technology, there are several different options available for fitness bands which makes it very hard to choose from. This curated list of the best fitness bands under 3000 can offer you the necessary guidance to select quality budget-friendly products.

Xiaomi Band 5

It is one of the top fitness bands under 3000 that offers a 1.1 inch AMOLED screen and better brightness. It also comes with eight different wristband options.

Features -

  • It comes with a large dynamic color display
  • It offers eleven different sports modes
  • It is water-resistant upto 50m
  • It provides women’s health tracking function
  • It offers 14 days battery life
  • It comes with a magnetic charging option
  • Pros -

  • It is water-resistant, flexible, and oil resistant
  • It offers magnetic charging, which comes in two variants, one with a 14-day charge capacity and the other with 20 days
  • It comes with a 20% bigger and bridger screen than the 4 model
  • It offers seven days step count
  • It helps to monitor heart rate, menstrual cycle, and sporadic nap
  • It comes with play pause control
  • It provides a Bluetooth 5
  • Cons -

  • There are no significant limitations

  • Seller Buy
    Tata CLiQ

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GOQii Vital

It is one of the best fitness bands in India under 3000 and is designed specially to meet the pandemic requirements. It offers various features like blood pressure measuring and heart rate monitoring.

Features -

  • It allows you to measure your body temperature
  • It comes with a 24 X7 heart rate monitor
  • It offers a battery life of 7 days
  • It comes with different exercise modes
  • It provides auto sleep tracking mode
  • Pros -

  • It comes with a colorful OLED display
  • It offers a battery backup of 7 days
  • It provides features like step tracking, distance traveled, and calories burnt
  • It provides a thermal sensor
  • It provides all the functions to sense COVID
  • It can track blood pressure, heart rate, and sleep
  • Cons -

  • There are no limitations seen as such

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Honor Band 5

It is known to be one of the best fit bands under 3000 in the market. It comes with a blood oxygen monitor and a scientific sleep monitoring mode.

Features -

  • It weighs around 22.7gms
  • It is IP67 rated
  • It comes with an AMOLED screen
  • It offers a 110mAh battery
  • It comes with a one year warranty
  • Pros -

  • It comes with a 0.95r inch OLED screen and offers a high resolution of 240 X 110 pixels within the given price range
  • It comes with a touch button for controlling your calling actions
  • It allows you to read your messages and get alerts on the messages and calls
  • It comes with a belt clip design for firm attachment
  • It is water-resistant upto 50m
  • It offers accurate step count and sleeps time monitoring
  • It comes with a six-axis inertial sensor, an IR detection sensor, and a PPG heart rate sensor
  • It only takes one hour to charge the band completely
  • Cons -

  • It only offers a basic design

  • Seller Buy
    Tata CLiQ

Noise Colorfit

It is one of the most popular fitness band watches that is lightweight and stylish. It comes with various exciting features that include detachable straps and configurable watch faces.

Features -

  • It comes with a multi-touch IPS display
  • It offers a 5.0 Bluetooth
  • It helps to track the menstrual cycle
  • It comes with detachable straps
  • It provides a battery of 210mAh
  • It comes with music control
  • Pros -

  • The 1.3 inch IPS display helps to offer bright and distinctive colors
  • It provides five different watch faces
  • It is lightweight and comfortable
  • It comes with a polycarbonate body that makes it resistant to damage
  • It offers various health and fitness tracking features
  • It comes with a 5.0 Bluetooth that provides a seamless connection
  • It offers ten days of battery backup with regular use
  • It comes with one year warranty
  • Cons -

  • The display is easily smudged with sweaty hands.

  • Seller Buy
    Tata CLiQ

Huawei Band 2 Pro

It is considered one of the best fitness bands under 3000 in the market that comes with a built-in GPS and some top-notch features.

Features -

  • It weighs 18.1 grams
  • It is IP67 rated
  • It comes with a 0.8 POLED display
  • It offers a battery life of upto 30 days
  • Pros -

  • It comes with an embedded touch-sensitive scream
  • You can easily ignore or receive calls
  • You can receive and read messages
  • It comes with a silicon slip for extra comfort
  • It offers accurate sleep tracking and step counting
  • You can control music and camera shutter
  • It is lightweight and durable
  • It comes with a recording battery of 30 days
  • Cons -

  • It only offers a black and white display
  • Battery charging takes up a lot of time

  • Seller Buy

Conclusively if you are looking for a budget-friendly fitness band with top-notch functionalities, you can choose to buy from this curated list of top fitness band watches under 3000.

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