Sony SRS-XB12 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Technology has recently taken over our lives and made our life more comfortable and easy. With the latest advancements, size of the devices have become relatively small and easy to carry. This has come in effect to the speakers market as well. With time, speakers have become an important part of our lives and so thus the sizes of the speakers have become small and convenient to carry.

Here is the speaker from Sony that we are going to review today, with amazing sound quality and easy to carry as well. Sony SRS-XB12 Bluetooth Speaker should be your only choice if you are looking for a small and cheap Bluetooth speaker that has some good bass and sound quality suitable for small gatherings. This speaker is enough for a room to fill it up with the bass. Sony SRS-XB12 is available in Black, Red, Gray, Blue and Green color options along with a strap that is used to carry the speaker and adds on to the look of the speaker. With IP67 rating, this speaker is dust, drop and waterproof making it a good solid speaker. You also get 2 years of warranty.


Sony SRS-XB12 Speaker has a height of 92mm and diameter of around 74mm and comes in a cylindrical shape.

Control panel consists of 5 buttons. Starting from the left, the first button is the power button which needs to be pressed slightly to turn the speaker on. Right next to the power button are the volume buttons – and + which can also be used to pick up the calls as well. Next the + button is the play/pause button. If you press it once, it will play or pause the music, if you press it twice, it plays the next song, you can also play the previous song by pressing the button thrice. To activate virtual assistants like Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri, long press the -/+ button. The last button on the speaker is a very unique button with the feature to connect with another speaker to increase the output. In the end, you will get the LED indicator to keep you informed when the battery is about to die.

You will also get one more panel located at the bottom of the speaker which consists of a USB and AUX port for charging or connecting to the phone with an Aux.


Once you have connected your Phone with this Speaker, it connects very easily every next time. You just have to switch on your phone’s Bluetooth and long press the power button of the speaker.

Sony has never compromised with the quality of audio and is on top of the list when it comes to the speakers and headphones with the best Bass products available in the market. You can blindly trust this small speaker that will just blow away your mind with it’s amazing Bass and the sound quality that will shake the room when it is played at its maximum volume. This speaker is best suitable for House parties.

The speaker takes approx. 5 hours to charge completely and can be played for around 16 hrs. Connectivity range of this speaker is up to 10 meters as claimed by Sony itself and starts to waver beyond that.

Final Opinion

Sony SRS-XB12 is priced at around Rs.3,600 and is the best value for money speaker. It is the best portable speaker in its segment, design is also small and impressive, quality of the sound is also clear and loud with extra Bass that makes it a complete package. You may find it difficult to pair with this speaker initially and it takes quite a long time to charge, these are the only two problems you will find with these speakers. But once it is connected with your smartphone or the laptop, it connects easily the next time. You should definitely consider the speaker if you are looking for a small but good speaker for yourself and even for gifting someone.

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