How to share your screen on Facetime in iOS 15

Apple is known for its magnificent hardware and software development. The most recent significant iOS upgrade was iOS14, which included a slew of new features that revolutionized the way iPhones and iPads have operated for years. Now, Apple is coming up with iOS 15, which will definitely change how we perceive the virtual world. The upgrade comes with numerous astounding features, and Facetime screen share is one such feature in iOS 15 that customers are eager to learn more about.

Apple has made it apparent that it wants to succeed with popular video-conferencing services with its revamped FaceTime app. And features like the facility to make FaceTime calls from iOS to Android, view movies with friends, and share the screen give it a leg up on the competition. So, if you're interested in learning how to use Screen Share in FaceTime on iOS15, take a look at this handy guide.

  • Open FaceTime on any of your Apple devices.
  • To create a FaceTime meeting link, tap on Create Link. Then press the 'i' button and select "Share Link" from the drop-down menu.
  • Then, send the meeting link to your contacts using SMS, email, iMessage, or WhatsApp. You can start a FaceTime call after that.
  • Instead, you can also select "New FaceTime," enter the names of the friends with whom you want to share your screen, and then select "FaceTime" to initiate a video call.
  • Tap on the "Screen Share" button in the new controls panel's top right corner during the FaceTime session.
  • Then select "Share My Screen." If you wish to share your screen with others on the call, your iOS 15 Smartphone will ask for confirmation. You have to tap 'yes' to confirm.
  • Then, go to the app or presentation you wish to screen share with your colleagues, friends, or family. You are good to go after this step.

Now, you have a decent understanding of how FaceTime's screen sharing function works. With new ways to handle notifications, iOS 15 makes FaceTime calls more natural, launched SharePlay for shared experiences, helps users focus and be in the moment.

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