JBL Flip 3 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Bluetooth speakers are quite in trend nowadays. However, as the number of options is growing it becomes more difficult to choose the best one. Meanwhile, JBL has also come up with its Flip 3 Bluetooth speaker and people are unable to figure out whether it would be a fruitful investment for them or not. So, let’s figure it out with our detailed review.

Key Specifications

  • Device Type : Portable Speaker
  • Dimensions : (16.91 x 6.41 x 6.41) cm
  • Frequency Response : 85hz - 20000hz
  • Battery Capacity : 3000mAH
  • Impedance : 4 ohms
  • Power Output : 16W
  • Configuration : Stereo (2 Channel)
  • Music Play Time : Up to 10 hours


This is the first flip to feature a fabric covering that provided a splash-proof design and improved grip. It also comes with a cord for hanging things. The Bluetooth pairing button, volume controls, and call answer/end button are all integrated into the fabric along the side of the speaker. The power button and the JBL connect button are located on the spine that allows you to connect several JBL speakers together.


The JBL Flip 3 Bluetooth Speaker features the JBL Bass Radiator, which delivers tremendous bass via the device's dual external passive radiators. The device appears to be better fitted for outdoor use in every manner, based on its size and output. The speaker has Bluetooth 4.1, which promises to provide uninterrupted audio streaming. The device's 3000 mAh rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours of playtime on a single charge. As a result, you can expect powerful and consistent audio.

This speaker is great for listening to music while on the go. For taking calls, it has a built-in speakerphone. The speakerphone filters away background noise and echo, allowing for clear phone calls through the speaker. These JBL speakers provide seamless connectivity as well as the robustness to withstand regular wear and tear. It has a splash-proof design, so you may use it even when it's raining. This speaker can even be cleaned under running water, but mind not submerge it.

The Flip 3 has a stereo capability, which allows you to link two JBL Flip 3 speakers together and use them as a stereo speaker, just like many other Bluetooth speakers. JBL Connect is the name of this functionality. JBL, on the other hand, also allows you to operate two speakers simultaneously via a Smartphone app. The name of the app goes as 'JBL Connect'. In the app, there are various modes to try out and a slew of other options to discover.

Final Opinion

The JBL Flip 3 is a lightweight Bluetooth speaker that can be used vertically or horizontally. It has excellent sound quality and plays loudly for its size. The device can also be used as a speakerphone and has a battery life of up to 10 hours. It produces an incredible sound that is loud and adaptable enough to accommodate a wide range of genres. However, there are some issues of distortion, but they can be overlooked upon the price range. The splash-proof design alone offers the speaker an advantage over the majority of its competitors. Overall, this speaker would be an excellent value for money.

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